Wax on, wax off!! Almost Painless Waxing Treatments for the Face & Body Year Round

Let’s start with the Brazilian – what is it exactly?

Brazilian waxing is a bikini wax with all the pubic hair, or most of it, removed. But before you cross your legs and say ’no thanks,’ consider the benefits.

It offers a longer-lasting option and is much less irritating than shaving the bikini area which can result in cuts, nicks, ingrown hairs and razor burn. For those clients who want a really clean result Brazilian waxing is a great way to go.

Getting your first Brazilian can be a little nerve racking especially if you are sensitive or have a low pain tolerance so we recommend taking ibuprofen half an hour before your treatment. If your hair is long it may need clipping before the wax is applied. We use a special green wax at SkinSense that is less irritating and specifically designed for delicate regions of the body. Be prepared to take off your underwear – most spas supply disposable paper thongs to wear – but may need you to go bare.

Our experienced technician and facialist, Vicki DiPietro, will be able to talk you through the whole process but do expect some discomfort and a slight re-action afterwards. This is completely normal and takes anywhere from an hour to a day to dissipate. Exercise BEFORE treatment and always wear loose fitting cotton clothing to your appointment and ask about after care.

Avoid sun exposure for the next 24 hours and hot showers and baths immediately before and after treatment.

Use a fragrance free body wash to avoid irritation.

Sensitivity to waxing is heightened right before your menstrual cycle, but decreased when cycle begins. Waxing can be done at this time if you feel comfortable.

Diabetic clients should avoid waxing completely.

Aloe Vera or tea tree lotion is very soothing to apply after treatment and for ingrown hairs, a salicylic acid lotion followed by a lactic acid moisturizer helps to both hydrate and exfoliate. Using a loofah between spa visits helps to keep new growth lifted and ensure a clean result each time.

Vicki often recommends no sexual contact for 24 hours after waxing to avoid cross infection or any additional irritation.

This is one of those treatments you have to try to know how it feels. Everyone is different but in a sunny climate like Southern California Brazilian waxing can be a Godsend year round. Next up – body waxing.