Waxing Services – Details Matter

No-one likes a furry lip, heavy brow or hairy chin!! At SkinSense we take care of these areas using a blend of waxes depending on the skin’s sensitivity. A well manicured brow can make all the difference to the shape of the face and for extra emphasis we often tint the brows at the same time. We encourage our clients to come in regularly every two to three weeks to prevent in-between tweezing at home as this can spoil the shape.
For the extra delicate skin and client, we will happily tweeze the brows although this obviously takes a little more maintenance.

Quick tip: Nancee Daly, our veteran facialist, uses a light application of oil on the brow and lip area before waxing sensitive skin. This diminishes redness.

Chin hair often increases along with stress levels and hormonal shifts especially menopause, and in some cases facial hair can become darker at these times. We are cautious at SkinSense about removing facial hair with wax. It can cause break-outs and irritation on more sensitive clients so we often do a very small area to start with. We avoid waxing facial hair on acne conditions – this can exacerbate the break-outs and cause further problems.

Quick tip: Vicki DiPietro, our Brazilian wax expert, often uses two types of wax on lip hair particularly if it is coarse – hard wax first and then our resin wax to follow.

We do not use a honey wax as some clients are allergic to honey and we make sure that clients stop using all prescription and over the counter retinol topicals one week before their waxing appointment. This prevents any skin being lifted along with the hair. Clients on Accutane cannot have any waxing services while taking the drug.

And as for the rest of the body, we offer underarm, regular and Brazilian bikini waxing (see my post: “Wax on, wax off”) full arm, leg and back waxing. Back waxing is very popular with our male clients and as with all our waxing services we counsel our male clients carefully. Exercising before treatment is very important to avoid break-outs and wearing a light cotton shirt rather than a synthetic material post treatment is less irritating to the newly waxed area. Salicylic acid, camphor and tea tree lotions are great for calming any irritation.

We recommend body waxing every 3-4 weeks depending on re-growth. And it is true over time regular waxing does diminish growth. Like many things in life consistency counts!

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