“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.” — Calvin Klein

As a little girl, I often watched Mom as she put on her makeup in the morning. She would smile just dusting the blush on the apples of her cheeks. And I thought, wow… makeup must really make a girl happy. And it surely does. As a matter of fact, during the peak of the COVID lockdown, the cosmetic aisle of my neighborhood drugstore was my happy place.

As we slowly emerge from the pandemic and get back into our daily and more visible routine — very soon sans facial mask, looking ugly is not an option. It’s time to take out the makeup stash and slay it.

For mature women like me, we no longer have the luxury of going without make-up. Over time, the effects of aging, including sun damage, increased sensitivity, uneven skin tone and larger pore structure have us relying on make-up to put our best face forward. Thank goodness make-up products now offer a healthier choice in the form of mineral cosmetics.

What are mineral cosmetics?

Mineral makeup is nothing new and has been in use since ancient times. Cave dwellers and ancient cultures used ground-up minerals as a means of applying color to the skin for decoration, special rituals, and camouflage. Think Cleopatra’s kohl-rimmed eyes for example.

These cosmetic products are made of naturally derived, skin-friendly minerals such as iron and zinc oxides, titanium dioxides, mica, and ultramarine which are ground into tiny, shimmering particles for our skin’s use. The minerals provide not just pigment that gives skin a smoother appearance, but also protection from the sun and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Mineral cosmetics are much easier to apply than the traditional kind. They leave no demarcation line on the jaw and can be layered over problem areas without looking heavy or bulky. In other words, your skin looks flawless without the assistance of an expert make-up artist.

Because the powders and liquids do not contain emollient oils and waxes, fragrance, and preservative ingredients, they are gentle and don’t irritate the skin or cause breakouts.

As a facialist who has seen countless breakouts and clogging caused by poorly formulated make-up over the years, I give mineral cosmetics my 100% approval.

In summary, mineral makeup offers the following benefits:

  • Additional sun protection — but always wear a regular SPF as well for complete protection.
  • Light on skin yet still provides coverage of skin flaws and wrinkles, decreasing the signs of aging.
  • Longer wear — it can withstand varying temperatures as well as hold up in heat or water.
  • Does not cause itchiness or flaking even in cold weather
  • Suits all skin types, even sensitive and acneic conditions.
  • And, it’s gentle enough to be applied after cosmetic surgery and laser treatments.

As a final tip, wash the brushes used to apply the make-up powders at least once a week.

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