Brow Shaping Techniques: Pros and Cons

Brow shaping is the grooming of the eyebrows either through plucking, pulling, cutting, trimming or removing the hairs to create a particular form or shape that’ll better suit the facial structure and enhance facial beauty.

Brow shaping is undeniably a sure way to enhance facial beauty, little wonder; people pay large sums to have their eyebrows professionally shaped to perfection by expert beauty therapists. In brow shaping precision is key; any little blunder could ruin the overall results leaving you with an unsightly and badly shaped brow, instead of accentuating your looks.

Like most things, there is no one way of shaping the brow, there are different methods that can be used to achieve perfect brow shaping.
Here are some popular brow shaping methods, along with their pros and cons to look out for:


Tweezing involves using a tweezer to trim and cut the eyebrows into a desired size and shape, it’s one of the easiest and oldest brow shaping techniques. The best time to pluck is after a shower as the pores are open; making it easier to remove hair.
Pros: Tweezing is known to deliver plucking that guarantees a neat, beautiful arch.
Cons: It is time-consuming and requires precision. A tiny mistake could spoil the whole thing.


Eyebrow waxing is a technique that involves spreading hot or cold wax on the hairs around the desired shape of the brows. The wax is then pulled quickly to remove hair and produce the desired brow shape.
Pros: The method delivers a clean, neatly defined shape and long-lasting results.
Cons: It is not a good option for people with sensitive skin as skin irritation may occur, or in extreme cases; the skin will peel off with the wax.


Eyebrow threading is a brow shaping method that uses cotton threads looped together, to trap and pull out hair strands. It’s more precise than waxing and usually less painful. It’s also faster than both waxing and plucking and costs less. However, you might need some practice before threading your brows to avoid doing it poorly.
Pros: It’s less painful, inexpensive, and unlike tweezing, which removes single hairs, it removes several hairs at once.
Cons: The technique requires that a part of the thread is held with the mouth; which is unhygienic.


An aesthetician inserts electrical current into the hair follicles through a small needle, this destroys the hair and prevents it from growing back.
Pros: It’s a more permanent brow shaping solution because the hairs are killed off at the roots.
Cons: The brows usually thin with age, leaving you with an almost bald brow as you get older, plus it’s nearly irreversible.
Brow shaping is a fashionable way to improve looks, elegance, glamour, and make you feel good about yourself. But, the processes of achieving a flawless arch and shape that perfectly aligns with the contours of the face; can be a tedious (and sometimes painful) process – though the results far outweigh the troubles.
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