Recapture Your Youth With A Soothing Enzyme and Oxygen Facial

For consumers who want to rejuvenate their appearance, you cannot beat the enzyme and oxygen facial we offer at Skin Sense Wellness by Marion Simms.

By using the latest technology in cosmetic chemistry and gentle electrotherapies, the enzyme and oxygen facial will stimulate the metabolism of your skin, extend your youthful appearance and give you a surge of self-confidence.

“Where Can I Find an Enzyme and Oxygen Facial Near Me?”

At Skin Sense Wellness by Marion Simms, we offer the best facial and spa treatments on the market, including our enzyme and oxygen facial. And we do it in an intimate, cozy spa setting that is perfect for a day of relaxation. To schedule your next spa treatment and enzyme mask facial, please call us at (323) 653-4701, or visit

Other youth-restoring facial treatments that our many satisfied spa clients rave about include:

  • Le Petit Deep Clean: Short on time but need a deep clean? Enjoy steaming, exfoliation, pore cleansing, mask, and moisturizer. Just fifty
  • Bio-Enzyme Treatment: Gentle, effective facial enzymes and phytostimulines are selected according to the sensitivity level of your skin. Dead skin is removed, circulation is stimulated and all with 75 minutes.
  • Glow & Go Treatment: Need to look good for a special occasion? This dynamic facial treatment is perfect for any skin type. Your complexion will be polished and refined in only 30 minutes.
  • Aromatherapy Facial: Classic, European-style facial with steam, cleanse, extraction and massage using essential oils and customized 75 minutes.
  • AHA/BHA Treatment: Choose from a full-length facial, or six stand-alone applications, or as an add-on treatment to enhance exfoliation and brighten the skin. Excellent to reduce scarring. 75 minutes for facial, and 30 minutes for add-on.
  • Rapid Resurfacing Chinese Herbal Peel: Do you want a smooth, radiant and beautiful complexion? We use four kinds of Chinese herbal granules to exfoliate your skin, and we follow it with Alpha Hydroxy Acid to refine and polish your skin.

Why Are Regular Facials So Important?

Many people see getting a facial as a rare treat. Or view it as a luxury service reserved for the rich and famous. While facials do have a cost attached to them, consider: Is a facial more expensive in the long term?

Our busy lives are full of pollution, grime, dirt and dead skin that accumulates on the face. We can attempt to keep your skin clean at home, but it is not enough. Many skin experts say that getting a regular facial is like getting your teeth cleaned. And annual or bi-annual teeth keep your long-term costs down and keep the teeth healthy.

Similarly, your skin needs to be evaluated and cleaned by a skincare professional on a monthly basis. Getting a facial at Skin Sense Wellness can maintain a youthful and healthy appearance with consistent care. And you don’t overspend because your aesthetician will recommend the right skincare products throughout the year that suit your skin.

How Facials Will Save You Money

After you receive regular facials at Skin Sense Wellness, particularly the enzyme and oxygen facial, makeup will go on more evenly and you will be surprised by how little you now need because your skin is healthy and fresh.

A facial is the best anti-aging treatment you can invest in. Treating yourself to a Skin Sense Wellness facial every month will enhance your skin tone, improve texture and elasticity and repair damage done by the sun and pollution.

A facial usually includes a massage. This can really improve the appearance of wrinkled and tired skin. Most skincare professionals are trained in facial massage. Certain parts of the face should be massaged in a specific way for superior results. A facial massage increases lymphatic drainage, flushes out toxins and boosts circulation.

Facials also encourage skin cell renewal. Exfoliation is one of the most critical parts of a facial. Having the skin exfoliated by a Skin Sense Wellness professional usually involves a gentle scrub or a fruit acid peel to shed dead skin. This aspect of your facial will boost cell turnover, to grow new, healthier skin cells. Regular exfoliation also diminishes the unattractive appearance of acne scars too.

Finally, the best part of a facial is you see results immediately. You will rarely have a skin treatment or product that produces such pleasing, instant results. After a single facial, you will see a big difference and feel and walk out of the spa relaxed and confident.

Schedule an Enzyme Mask Facial at Skin Sense Wellness Today

Do you want to accelerate the process of skin cell replacement so that your face looks younger and fresher? Schedule an enzyme and oxygen facial at Skin Sense Wellness today. This treatment will rejuvenate your face and self-confidence:

  • Smooths and softens wrinkled skin, making you look younger
  • Boosts cell turnover and lightens pigmentation
  • Enhances your skin’s natural glow, and removes dead skin cells
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Reduces uneven texture
  • Nourishes and feeds your skin with prescribed products and ingredients

The continually changing field of skincare has never been more exciting. Recent breakthroughs in skincare research, technologies, and techniques mean it is within everyone’s grasp to have a fresher, more youthful appearance. Contact Skin Sense Wellness today at (323) 653-4701 to schedule your next facial or spa treatment.