Skin Care FAQ

We often get asked a lot of the same questions about skin care. To help you with your skin sense, we’ve curated a growing archive of FAQ to answer some common questions for you:

Peptides are either short or long chains of amino acids that help to produce proteins. In the case of skin care, they generate collagen, which gives our skin support and structure. Now often included in serums they are really useful in increasing the effectiveness of any anti-aging regime.

I would recommend going to a dermatologist first. I tried a podiatrist to begin with and ended up spending a lot of money on a laser treatment which did not work. My dermatologist gave me a topical that proved much more effective. You can contact him at:

Steven R. Weiss, MD., Beverly Hills, (310)-274-9954 – Visit Website

At Skin Sense, we customize every treatment for you on every visit so all you have to do is book the time slot. On your first visit we also recommend that you bring the products that you are currently using to make sure your home care routine is working for you.

We have years of experience, research new products and treatments constantly, use high quality products and truly effective protocols and we listen to our clients’ desires in terms of what they want to accomplish with their skin. We also take a completely holistic approach to skin care consulting each time a client visits us about diet, exercise and general lifestyle. Our approach is to correct where necessary and then maintain.