Holiday Breakouts

The Holiday Season is upon us and wouldn’t you know it – you wake up on the morning of your biggest Holiday event with a pimple in the middle of your forehead! What to do!!?

* Do not rush to the bathroom mirror immediately to squeeze or pick at it. This can lead to further infection, swelling and even scarring.

* First of all, wash your hands thoroughly and cleanse your face with a deep pore cleanser. Then, ICE those underground pimples with a couple of ice cubes wrapped in a wash cloth for 5-10 minutes. If you have time, apply a clay mask to calm the area for 5-7 minutes. Follow this with toner containing salicylic acid (for oily skins) or lactic acid (for dryer skins). Finish with a benzoyl peroxide lotion and camouflage with a mineral powder concealer. This can be repeated several times during the day. If the break-out is painful and refuses to cover well, a quick trip to the dermatologist for a cortisone injection might be in order.

* If there is pus sitting on the surface, call your facialist and see if she can fit you in for a quick zap. This should include cleansing the infected area, removing the pus, sterilising the area with a topical anti-bacterial lotion combined with high frequency and then putting on a topical anti-biotic.

* For daily maintenance and regular skin hygiene, always remember to wipe off cell phones, sun glasses and reading glasses every time you use them with an antimicrobial pad and no matter how late you get home from that party, never skip cleansing and treating your skin before you go to bed.

*Finally, drinking plenty of water during the Holiday Season in small regular quantities during the day will compensate for a multitude of sins. As soon as January arrives, get your lifestyle back on track!!

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