How Do You Maintain Balance In Your Life?

Balance – finding it in everyday simple activities.

I have been reading many articles recently about the importance of having a purposeful, balanced life. Maybe because there has been a lot of instability and uncertainty over the last few years, but the quest for balance is everywhere. Balanced nutrition, budgets, lifestyles, relationships and energy. Maybe this is because more people at the moment don’t have a job or career and have been forced to consider how they are spending their lives. Maybe they do have a job and very busy work schedule and feel unbalanced or tilted in that direction. Whatever the reason – balance seems to be popping into many conversations these days.

When we are out of balance, life can seem less comfortable, overwhelming, less safe.

Every day we wake up, get out of bed and begin routines that have become automatic to us. They actually mold our lives and provide anchors as we navigate our entry into our daily activities.

These could be walking the dog, reading the newspaper, gardening, going to the gym, calling loved ones, getting the kids ready for school, preparing breakfast, grabbing a coffee.

Sometimes these things get disrupted for other activities like travel, heavier workloads or even emergencies but it is always comforting to get back to these routines.

Maybe this is where the balance begins and even provides us with a momentary sense of control, in a world that seems to be going wildly out of control at the moment.

We are all different. My idea of a balanced life might seem unbalanced to others but I spend a lot of time talking to clients about their lifestyles and have noticed a re-calibration of values being adopted among many. A concern for sustainability in the environment, recycling, more moderate living styles, home cooking and home grown vegetables, reconnecting with old friends, mending family rifts, and in some areas more of a community spirit. The internet has certainly helped here in the guise of Facebook and other social media formats. If we are lucky enough, we have certain people in our lives that are our anchors, ports in the storm. They are always accessible, reachable and present. They make us laugh, can be wise when we need guidance or just listen when we need to blow off steam. They can restore a sense of balance and some level of control.

So what or who are YOUR anchors? If you are currently unemployed or over employed , what activities do you choose or have changed to shape your day and make you feel more productive? Have you adopted new habits and interests in more recent times?

How do you maintain balance in YOUR life?

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