Hydradermie Facials Near Me

Hydradermie Facials and Other Procedures at Skin Sense Wellness Spa

Treatments that lift the skin like Hydradermie facialshave become very popular with clients of all ages. At Skin Sense, you can get your own lift to look and feel young again.

Skin Sense 101

Marion Simms, the founder of SkinSense, has been in the skincare business for over 30 years. As a true veteran of the beauty business, she recognizes the importance of offering many different facial procedures. These include microcurrent lift, ultrasound and, of course, Hydradermie facials.

According to experts,the key to youthful skin is maintaining and promoting the production of peptides. Formed with chains of amino acids peptides produce proteins like collagen. And it is these proteins that give the skin its elasticity and support. In other words, proteins keep the skin smooth and tighter with little to no wrinkles.

What Exactly Are Hydradermie Facials?

Hydradermie facials are also called Hydradermie lifts. They are non-surgical, electrotherapy procedures that last up to 55 minutes but can be extended into longer treatments.

Using rollers to conduct a galvanic current or microcurrent into the skin by performing an in-depth massage, the aesthetician will work over all the areas of the face and neck to gently soften and tone. It is extremely relaxing and lightly stimulating and leaves the skin feeling firmer and revived. The Hydradermie facial is suited to all skin types and ages and can be used on sensitive conditions as well.

The Guinot Institut inParis started implementing Hydradermie facials decades ago and it is now recognized as one of the best time tested anti-aging facials in the world. And best of all, results last long after the skin has been treated. Hydradermie facials do their job long-term because they help you retrain your facial muscles to stay firm and ‘in place’.

Does Skin Sense Offer Other Facial Treatments?

Skin Sense offers a wide range of other procedures that can help you firm up your skin and make you look more youthful. Popular choices include aromatherapy facials, Le Petit Deep Clean, Age Summum, the Mandiclear Peel System, Bio-enzyme treatments, and the Eye Logic treatment, among others.

Skin Sense will also provide you with some of the best massages and body therapies available. Swedish and Thai massage, body buffers, back therapy treatments, hot stone massageand pregnancy massage — you can experience them all at Skin Sense Wellness. SkinSense also advises their clients about wellness and relaxation in their daily lives and have experts they refer to for the ideal approach for each individual.

After experiencing a Hydradermie Lift, you will receive a full consultation on how to maintain the great results at home. Skin Sense has a hand-picked selection of the finestskincare products that can be customized for your needs. They can help with everything from acne to wrinkles.

I’d Like Some Hydradermie Facials, Please!

Skin Sense Wellness is located at 8448 W. Third Street, LA. Call now and indulge in the best skincare procedure out there. Treat yourself and reap the full benefits of Hydradermie facials.