Pet Remedies

Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician and homeopath, began developing a series of essences prepared from non-poisonous flowers, plants, trees and bushes in the 1930’s. They are completely safe, have no side effects and are not addictive. You really can not overdose on these remedies and because there are 38 in total, the choice of blends that can be mixed together for treatment is endless! They are also very affordable ($10-50 a bottle) and easy to use.

The principle behind these essences is to re-balance the physical manifestations of emotional upset and discomfort. For example, Rescue Remedy, which is a pre-blended formula of five flower essences – Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum – is great to treat nervousness and stress caused by shock, travel, visits to the vet, separation anxiety and sudden change. There are blends and essences for a dog or cat that soils at home, (Cherry Plum), or suddenly becomes aggressive or fearful (Vine). Trauma and abuse can be treated with Star of Bethlehem. A dog or cat getting used to a new home can be treated with Walnut and when training a puppy or kitten, Chestnut Bud is useful. Mimulus is used for everyday fears, Aspen for fear of the unknown and Rock Rose for terror and panic. (A good one for July 4th fireworks). Wild Rose is great for apathy, Holly can tame a bully, Vervain can calm a highly strung animal, Chicory can break dependency and Olive can energize a tired dog.

Of course, all these remedies apply to human behavior so pet and owner can be treated at the same time. Even grief, depression and obsessive cleaning can be addressed. The time taken for each essence or blend to work can vary. Sometimes the benefits are immediate and in other cases it can take a number of weeks. The essences can be dropped into water, wet food or any liquid, or it can be applied to paws or ears. (2-4 drops for a small animal and 5-6 drops for a larger animal.) Atomizers can also be used.

Call for more information or ask for a questionnaire to be sent to you. You will see for yourself how effective Bach Flower Remedies can be.

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