7 signs you need to visit a Skin Care clinic in Los Angeles

Visiting a skin care clinic in Los Angeles should be for both functional and beautifying purposes to correct and maintain healthy skin.

Skin can develop allergies, reactions and also chronic conditions that need expert care.

Your skin is one of the most important organs of your body. It is literally your greatest barrier against the environment and it is vital to pay attention to any sensitivity or irritation that warrant treatment.

Here are 7 signs that show it’s time to visit a skin care clinic in Los Angeles:

1. Eczema: Eczema starts as an itchy rash that develops into patches of dry and thickened skin. Even though the exact cause of this skin disease is not known, it is believed to be triggered by allergies and maybe asthma. At the skin care clinic, various treatments can be prescribed to ensure that the condition is properly addressed. These procedures may include a gentle hydrating facial followed by a cortisone crème and other products that will fast-track the healing process.

2. Patches of dry, flaky, red and itchy skin: Psoriasis is a common skin condition similar to Eczema that also causes the cells to build up on the surface of the skin. At the skin care clinic a customized facial is followed with the application of topical preparations containing salicylic acid, cortisone or oatmeal to calm and sooth.

3. Appearance of cystic nodules on your cheeks or chin: Cystic acne appears as deep seated and painful pimples that need to be injected with cortisone. They are often caused by hormonal issues and can be genetic. After a steroid injection to reduce the inflammation, the skin care clinic will perform light peels using AHA’s and BHA’s to prevent scarring.

4. Flushed cheeks: Redness and flushing on the face, particularly across the nose and cheeks is usually caused by a condition known as Rosacea. Although the cause of rosacea is not fully understood it is triggered by many things, including spicy food, temperature changes, alcohol and stress. This condition can be treated at the skin care clinic by using microcurrent, enzyme facials and organic skin care products.

5. Appearance of yellowish, spongy or brittle nails. This is generally diagnosed as a fungal infection and will necessitate a visit to a dermatologist or podiatrist for immediate treatment. Oral and topical medications are usually prescribed. A professional skin care clinic will be able to refer you to these doctors.

6. Changes in the shape, size and color of a mole: A mole is supposed to be consistent in all 3 properties. However, if there is an increase in the size, a change in the color or in the shape, then you need to visit a skin care clinic close to you for immediate check-up and referral to a dermatologist. Everyone should have a full body mole check annually.

7. Acne: acne vulgaris is less serious than cystic acne and starts when oil and dead skin cells clog up pores and trap bacteria. This condition can be resolved by going to a knowledgeable skin care clinic where you will be given a disciplined home care routine, regular deep cleansing and rebalancing facials and nutritional counselling. Retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, azelaic and salicylic acids are all great topicals used to treat acne vulgaris.

If you develop any of these skin conditions, seek expert treatment at a skin care clinic in Los Angeles.

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