Skin Esteem

How we feel about ourselves and the way we look has a huge influence on our ability to succeed in life, connect with others and experience joy and happiness. All this is reflected in the skin. Over the years I have been a facialist, I have realized that it is the inner layers of a person I am working on as much as the outer layers. Self acceptance is admittedly a life-long quest and at different times, we feel good about the way we look or very unhappy about our appearance.

Everything from aging to illness is clearly expressed on our faces. It takes work and daily commitment to keep our skin looking fresh and youthful. However, a clear, healthy and radiant complexion is not only extremely attractive but sends a message to the world that we are confident, successful individuals that are worth knowing. These positive feelings can in turn boost our immune system, overcome inferiority complexes and lift depression.

We live in a fiercely competitive society where people are quickly dismissed at a glance if all does not present well. Like it or not, looks matter especially when living under the super critical lens of Los Angeles.

Just applying cosmetics to disguise skin imperfections can make an enormous difference to how a person feels. Look Good, Feel Good ( – a support organization that helps patients going through chemotherapy and radiation, promotes the importance of applying make-up every day. Their experience has taught them that looking better helps patients feel better and recover more quickly. For many of my clients, simply coming for a facial without make-up is a big step, one that makes them feel uncomfortable and vulnerable at first. Teenagers who are struggling with acne rarely make eye contact on their first visit with me because they are ashamed about how their skin looks. As their skin improves, so does their demeanor. They smile and look at me directly and obviously feel more confident about themselves.

Confucius once said: “True quality of life comes from a lasting harmony between the body and the mind.” More than that, it affects how we exist in the eyes of others. This is not vanity; it is survival and over the years, has made me realize I am doing something important for my clients. That is good for my self esteem!

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