In Southern California, because of our year-round sunny climate, we don’t have the option of hiding our legs and arms under extra clothing and letting our body hair grow out in the Winter months. So regular waxing treatments are imperative. It is therefore essential to find expert technicians who can deliver optimum results with a minimal amount of pain.

Depilatory waxing is an age-old method of removing unwanted hair. At SkinSense we use a soft, warm resin wax for the larger areas of the body and a green, hard wax for Brazilian and some facial waxing. Both waxes are comfortable, hygienic, efficient and suitable for sensitive skins. Because hair grows in three stages, waxing has to be done more regularly for the first few visits to regulate and to some extent, weaken, the growth pattern. Here are a few important waxing tips that will make your waxing experience with us more enjoyable.

Avoid sun exposure, hot showers/baths immediately before and after treatment.

Always exercise before getting waxed.

Leave waxed areas free of perfume and fragranced body wash/soap 24 hours after treatment.

Avoid intake of caffeine and alcohol before treatment. If you have a low pain threshold, a mild painkiller without aspirin is recommended 30 minutes before treatment.

Avoid waxing just before menstrual cycle. Waxing can be more painful at this time. Many clients wax during their cycle depending on their comfort level and pain tolerance. We as technicians don’t mind either way.

Clients who are severely hypoglycemic or diabetic should not wax. Any clients using Retin-A, Tazarac, Accutane or any other Tretinoin-type topicals should also avoid waxing. Always inform your technician of all the topicals you are currently using before waxing the skin and any prescribed oral medications that you might be taking.

When switching from shaving, allow the hair to grow 2-3 weeks before your first wax. This allows for the right amount of growth for a successful result. Have your technician advise you about aftercare protocols and at-home products to avoid ingrown hairs, especially in the bikini area.

One final word about BROW WAXING. Having well shaped and tidy brows can make all the difference to your facial appearance. This applies to both men and women. Once the initial shape is in place, monthly maintenance is all that is needed for that completely groomed look.