A while ago I remember talking to a plastic surgeon and telling him that most women would love to have the option to go without make-up every day. His response was that that simply wasn’t possible as we grow older.

Over time, the effects of aging, including sun damage, increased sensitivity, uneven skin tone and larger pore structure do require us to wear make-up to put our best face forward. The good news is that the make-up we apply no longer needs to be heavy or an obvious cover-up. Mineral cosmetics are a much healthier choice. The absence of talc, glycerin, paraffin, waxes and fragrance normally found in traditional foundations allows these finely milled products to protect and correct all day. Simply formulated from titanium, zinc and iron oxides, mineral powders and liquids smooth out the appearance of the skin instantly, do not clog the pores, offer sun protection, correct oiliness and break-outs and calm irritation. They are also gentle enough to be applied after cosmetic surgery and laser treatments.

Applying make-up can be a daunting prospect for many of us and this is where mineral cosmetics offer another advantage. They are really easy to apply, leave no demarcation line on the jaw and can be layered over problem areas without looking heavy or bulky. In other words, your skin looks flawless without the assistance of an expert make-up artist!! As a facialist who has seen countless break-outs and clogging caused by poorly formulated make-up over the years, I give mineral cosmetics my 100% approval.

Final tip: the brushes used to apply the powders should be washed at least once a week. For more tips on how to take care of your cosmetics and when to replace them, check out the Past Articles/What’s in Your Cosmetic Bag section on this website.