First God created man, then he had a better idea…

What’s the difference between men and women… besides our genitals, of course? It’s pretty interesting how, biologically speaking, we all start out as women. So, you’re a little embryo – a little fetus, and around 5 – 6 weeks if you have a Y chromosome it develops, and you start making testosterone and sexually differentiate.

However, the differences between male and female skin only emerge from puberty and onwards. These variations determine the type of skincare routine and products one should use, so let’s compare…

Skin Thickness

Dermatologists have found that the male dermis is about 20% thicker than a woman’s and that is why men tend to have fewer superficial fine lines than women. But they are more prone to the deep wrinkles that are caused by repeated facial expressions. Frown and smile lines for example.

Collagen and elastin production

Both men and women have specific hormones which help promote collagen and elastin production. Testosterone in men and estrogen in women. Collagen and elastin are proteins that act as the main building blocks in the skin, keeping it tight and firm.

As we age the level of both proteins diminishes. While this process happens to both men and women, they taper off at different rates. Men lose collagen and elastin at a constant rate throughout their adulthood, but gradually. Women start losing both less quickly until they hit menopause, and then the loss happens very rapidly and results in thinning, saggy skin, and wrinkles.

Oil levels and pore issues

Sebum, the skin’s natural oil, helps hydrate the skin and mixes with fat molecules to form a protective coating on the skin, defending it from harmful pathogens and bacteria.

But too much of a good thing can become a problem. Men have more oil glands or sebaceous glands than women. In fact, it has been estimated that men produce twice as much sebum than women overall. They also have larger and a higher number of pores. This combination can result in clogging and lead to acne.

Shaving doesn’t help either. It exacerbates the skin surface and can cause irritation, ingrown hairs, and even more breakouts – particularly if the beard growth is heavy and curly.

Impact of lifestyle choices on skin

Although genes play a role in how we age as a whole, our lifestyle choices can also have a powerful effect. Unfortunately, men often engage in behaviors that can speed up skin aging.

Exposure to UV rays is a primary cause of premature wrinkles in both men and women. However, men are more likely to work outdoors than women and spend long periods of time in the sun without protection – sunscreen and hats for example.

Bad habits like smoking, not getting enough sleep or exercise, and poor diet can factor in too.

Finally, men generally lack the same skin care knowledge that women are taught from an early age. This gives them a significant disadvantage in preventing wrinkles and in recognizing the signs of aging.

Skincare Advice for Men

To keep your skin in the best possible condition, cleanse every morning and evening with a non-irritating product suitable for your skin type. Keep your skin moisturized and if it is oily choose a non-greasy face lotion which will keep your face feeling hydrated all day without causing blocked pores.

If you have a beard covering part of your face, it’s especially important to keep the skin underneath it properly hydrated. Dryness under the beard can be uncomfortable, resulting in itchy, flaky skin, and even beard dandruff.

Skincare Advice for Women

Every good skincare routine starts with washing your face using a cleanser that offers gentle exfoliation and anti-aging benefits — think AHA acids, plant-derived enzymes, or even fermented ingredients. Then use an antioxidant serum containing a cocktail of vitamins — most popular are vitamin C, vitamin E, ferulic acid, resveratrol, and niacinamide —to guard against free radical development that causes degradation of precious collagen.

For moisturizers, look for a formula that contains hydrating ingredients like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, squalene, and glycerin. These formulas will replenish skin and lock in hydration for the day.

A good eye cream that depuffs and hydrates the eye area, and a collagen-boosting product like a peptide cream or growth factor serum are also great additions to a morning skincare routine.

Lastly, for both men and women, apply sunscreen. A mineral SPF of at least 30 with zinc oxide and antioxidants to support protection against environmental pollution.

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“Why is it I always get my best ideas while shaving.” — Albert Einstein

Call me traditional! But I like my men clean shaven. I guess the Russian Emperor, Peter the Great, did too. In fact, in 1698 he laid out a beard tax. After spending some time in Europe and seeing that the men there shave, he comes back home to Russia and thought about modernizing his country. Of course, the way to modernize it is to get everyone to shave. So, he ordered people who wanted to keep their beards to pay money… a lot of money. And they needed to carry around a beard token as proof they have paid the tax or risk having their beard shaved by the police.

At Skinsense, while we’re not the beard police but we have quite a few male clients who’ve had some shaving issues — nicks, irritation, and ingrown hair. So, we have some tips to help ease this necessary and often irritating daily ritual.

The basic tools

If you prefer the old-fashioned way

  1. A good razor — non-disposable, preferably a single blade.
  2. A good brush — preferably Badger and English made.
  3. Lots of hot water.

Or prefer the modern way

  1. A good razor — non-disposable, preferably a single blade.
  2. Good quality shaving creme in a tub (not a can) — think lilacs and violets and loads of lather. Initially more expensive but longer lasting.
  3. Topical salicylic acid and/or Neosporin creme.
  4. Gentle toner and soothing aftershave balm.

The technique

  • Make sure the night before you shave that you apply plenty of moisturizer. It will make the overnight hair growth softer and less resilient.
  • In the morning, shower first, and then shave. If you don’t shower, then fill a wash basin with plenty of hot water and splash the skin thoroughly or use a warm towel on the face before beginning to shave. For best results, the skin needs to be wet.
  • Next, wet your brush well, twirl it around in the shaving creme and apply to the face lavishly. Work up a really rich lather.
  • Take your razor and either shave with downward strokes, or go with the grain when you can, keeping the blade wet at all times. Use gentle pressure and let the weight of the razor guide you.
  • When all the beard growth has been removed, splash with cool water and pat the skin dry with a towel.
  • Apply a gentle toner to the whole face.
  • If there are any nicks, cuts or ingrown hairs, spot treat with a 2% salicylic acid or a dab of the Neosporin relief creme. Avoid any topicals that contain alcohol.
  • Finish with a light, soothing moisturizer and SPF.

In addition, use a silk pillowcase when you sleep. Why? There are two benefits from sleeping with a silk pillowcase. Not only will your face be less wrinkled in the morning, but you will be less likely to get ingrown hairs.

And one final tip… don’t shave on the same day as your facial treatment. The skin will be more sensitive to certain protocols and possibly limit the overall benefits.

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