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Alma N. -

Nancee is a HEALER. I visited SkinSense a week ago. I had an acne breakout, and she simply cured my skin. My face feels and looks cleaner than ever, she gave me great nutritional and cleansing tips, samples of the products she has used, all in a friendly and professional manner. She followed up to check how my skin and I are doing, which I appreciate. The reviews are genuine, she is THAT good. Thank you Nancee and SkinSense, I will be back.

Marc P. -

Got a massage from Joanne - I've been a massage therapist myself for over 20 years, so I'm really picky - this was awesome.

Alicia L. -

Marion is a genius. When I started going to her many many years ago, I had deep, red, sporadic cystic acne. And dry patches. Marion doesn't just treat the skin with a facial, she suggests life changes. She got me off of cola and drinking more water, and my skin improved dramatically. She also makes product recommendations (mainly Guinot, with some PCA), but works with items you already have, if possible, and is very generous with the samples to make sure you actually like it. She monitors your skin closely and tweaks your facials to suit your needs. Now I can even leave the house without makeup (most of the time), it's a miracle. I even get compliments on my skin from female coworkers! It's all Marion and the lessons she instills...

Elaine N. -

Skin Sense is an exceptional day spa, without a doubt one of the best in Los Angeles (and, trust me, I've tried my fair share!). The fact that it's a small gem of a place is probably one of the keys to its success. The customer service is top-notch -- warm, personable and designed to make you feel great from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. Over the last decade, I've visited Skin Sense for facials, eyebrow waxing, massages and manicures, and I've always left feeling like I got more than my money's worth, which is not something I can say for some of the other day spas and hotel spas I've tried. Nancee is an outstanding aesthetician. Part chemist, part best friend, she has an intuitive understanding of skin and customizes her facials based on your individual needs. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fantastic head & neck massage that she provides as part of the treatment!

Susan G. -

Nancee all the way! I have been treating my skin to Nancee's facials for close to 20 years now. No other facialist has ever measured up to the level of care and expertize that Nancee bestows on my smog clogged pores. Skin Sense is clean, charming, and professional.

Catherine C -

Skin Sense is the type of place that once you find it, you're almost mad that you ever wasted your time going anywhere else - great service, good prices, & very welcoming environment!

Pete -

I was so skeptical of facials before I went here. Then my friend told me about Marion. I've been going to her for five years and I absolutely LOVE her. Before I went to her, my face HURT all the time. It was always dry or greasy (depending on the season). When I broke out, my skin felt puffy and sore at the same time. It was really terrible. I was stuck with teenage skin and I was 25 years old!

And then Marion changed EVERYTHING. On my first visit, we talked though my skincare routine and she immediately pinpointed my problem, I touched my face ALL THE TIME without even thinking. She recommended adding neosporin and gave me some samples of products. I felt no pressure to purchase anything! She gave me an amazing facial and since that day my face has never hurt again. I went back each month and my skin kept getting better and better and better. Now I have had months where I am blemish free, something completely unheard of before I started going to see her. Plus, in addition to working miracles on my skin, my visits with her are just plain fun. I look forward to them every month. She is so funny and warm and going to her is like going to emotional yoga. I just really cannot recommend her enough. She changed my skin forever!

Amy L. -

This is seriously the ONLY and BEST place to go for facials. Once you try it, you will never go elsewhere. They are friendly, and professional and most importantly very knowledgeable on all things skin related. I go to Marion and she is absolutely fab. It's not just because of the amazing facials she gives, but we always have a good old chat too! My sister goes to Nancee and says she's also amazing. But I think whoever you get here, you won't be disappointed.

The atmosphere is nice and not at all snobby like some other places. Prices are reasonable. And you will leave with skin that has been absolutely cared for. I'd give them 6 stars if I could!!

Dean Larkin - Owner, Dean Larkin Design

Marion and her staff are courteous, professional and knowledgeable. I have used Marion and her staff on several occasions and don't hesitate to recommend her highly.

Brennan Smith - Leadership Consultant at the Inspired Action Network

Marion has a gift. Her ability to combine scent, texture, music, and loving touch make her facials a 90-minute visit to Heaven. She is so incredibly gracious and thoughtful, and so very well-versed in the chemistry and art of her craft. Highly recommended.

John & Suzanne Chadwick - Professional Hair & Beauty Industry Consultants | Educators | Stylists

Marion has created an extraordinary business...I have experienced her healing hands during a facial, and I felt like a renewed woman. As members of a weekly business referral group, Marion challenged the group with her innovative, creative presentations and each of us left with renewed energy and inspiration...most importantly Marion is one of the most caring people I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Rod Pyle - Principal at Rod Pyle Agency

Having a facial and spa experience with Marion is almost like leaving the country, but you don't have to deal with the TSA. Extremely professional and knowledgeable, Marion is the one to go with for any skin issues.