Water is essential for the survival of all known forms of  life. Dehydration sends hundreds of people to the hospital every day and it has been estimated that a healthy body needs a minimum of two liters of water daily to avoid dehydration. Some people claim we as humans, are 65% water – others 70% water. Whatever the exact percentage, the fact of the matter is clear. We are a highly complex irrigation system that needs constant hydration. Let’s list some of the overall benefits of drinking water…

*  Appetite suppressant – when you drink the right amount of water for your body weight, natural thirst returns and hunger diminishes.

* Weight reduction – by increasing water intake, we reduce fat deposits by increasing liver and kidney function. This in turn speeds up metabolism. Remember, the larger you are the more help you need to give your body to metabolize. Go to our Past Articles section and click on our Six Ways to Detox article to find out how much water you should be drinking daily.

* Drinking water helps with fluid retention. It is Nature’s own diuretic. So check your salt intake and make sure after a long flight to have a long cool drink of water. Anything in the water – sugar, electrolytes – slows down the absorption of water, so keep it pure and simple. Soda, even teas and juices don’t count.

* Water also regulates body temperature, relieves headaches, hypertension, arthritis, kidney stones, fatigue, morning sickness.

* Very important – water relieves constipation. When the body becomes constipated, it siphons water from internal sources. By keeping the body properly hydrated we maintain normal bowel function, keep the skin clear and  prevent many serious diseases.

* Finally, water is great for improving endocrine-gland function – and helps PMS and cramping.

Recommendation for exercising:

Drink about 8 ounces of water before exercise and top up every 15 minutes you exercise.
It is best to drink cold water because it burns more calories.

Quenching the skin’s thirst

Traditionally, we have relied on oils and waxes – lanolin, mineral oil, for example – in skin care products to hydrate the skin by trapping water on the skin’s surface. The new hydrators however, come in the form of serums.  A serum can be a light emulsion or a water-soluble gel that is generally thinner in texture. Serums contain humectants and non-occlusive ingredients that attract and attach water to the skin. Hyaluronic acid, peptides, Vitamin B3 & B5 and botanical extracts are ideal for this purpose. Serums contain more active ingredients and give an extra boost – every morning and evening – to other creams and moisturizers you may be using. The double layer slows down moisture evaporation and gives the skin a healthy, lasting radiance. They are good for all skin types, fast to apply and penetrate easily.

Hydration from the inside out and outside in is clearly essential to great body and skin health. So drink up and slather on!

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