What's In Your Cosmetic Bag

Annual revenues from the beauty industry in this country currently run at about $20 billion  and a good part of that figure comes from the sale of cosmetics. We are clearly making quite an investment to put our best face forward, so how well are we caring for that investment? Here are six ways to protect it:

1. Sterilize make-up tools and brushes every week with a gentle liquid soap (baby shampoo, for example). Use a tall glass for brushes, dilute with warm water and a touch of rubbing alcohol. Let brushes soak for one hour, rinse them thoroughly with cold water and then stand them, end up, in the empty glass to air dry.

2. Rotate and wash sponges regularly and if you use your hands to apply make-up, make sure they are clean. Be close to the sink, not in your car when putting on your daily face. It is safer in every way.

3. Do not keep mascara or eye liners for more than three months. There is a particularly nasty strain of bacteria called ‘pseudonomas’ that just loves the taste of cosmetics and can cause a very bad infection in the eye area. Never share products with friends.

4. Duplicate all essential make-up in a correctly-sized ready-to-travel kit and keep it stocked. This way you are both prepared and protected.

5. Powders (mineral or otherwise) tend to be safer especially if your are keeping your brushes clean. If you are using a liquid foundation, make sure it is packaged in a tube or closed top container rather than a pot.

6. Don’t forget to clean lash curlers with an alcohol/antiseptic wipe after each use and really important, wipe off cell phones after each use.

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