Every year as the chill sets in, I find myself joking about beginning my training for what I call my favorite winter sport – extreme hibernating. But let’s be honest, winter blues are a real thing for many of us.

As we cozy up in our hibernation dens, these blues can often sneak in alongside the chill. However, hibernation doesn’t have to be a dreary time. Why not transform our winter hideaway into a sanctuary of wellness and positivity with the help of essential oils?

The Aromatic Allies of Winter

Essential oils are more than just pleasant scents; they’re powerful mood-lifters and wellness enhancers. Their unique molecules stimulate the brain’s limbic system, influencing emotions and memories, and even crossing the blood-brain barrier to provide health benefits when applied topically. These tiny droplets are potent enough to reduce inflammation, boost immunity, and, importantly, uplift our spirits.

Our Winter Wellness Warriors

Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Basil and Bay Laurel Leaf: Combat low energy and somber moods with these vibrant oils. They’re also great for immunity and respiratory health. (Note: Not recommended during pregnancy.)
  2. Eucalyptus Lemon: This oil’s fresh fragrance brings optimism and hope, perfect for when life feels overwhelming.
  3. Ginger: Ginger boosts energy, aids in maintaining weight, and settles the stomach — all much needed during the winter months.
  4. Peppermint: Feeling cooped up? Peppermint oil is your solution for stress relief and increased focus.
  5. Spruce: The essence of winter in a bottle, Spruce oil revives and rejuvenates your spirit.
  6. Wild Orange: Known as the “happy oil,” Wild Orange lifts your mood while bolstering your immune system.
  7. Frankincense: Ideal for immune support, Frankincense brings a sense of strength and peace.
  8. Lemongrass: With its uplifting and refreshing aroma, lemongrass is perfect for clearing the mind and invigorating the senses on those long winter days.
  9. Jasmine: This exotic and sweet-scented oil is known for its uplifting and soothing properties, perfect for enhancing mood and combating seasonal blues.
  10. Rose: Often associated with love and passion, Rose essential oil is excellent for promoting emotional well-being, reducing stress, and bringing a sense of calm.
  11. Ylang Ylang: Its rich, floral scent is great for balancing emotions and promoting a positive mood, making it a wonderful choice for those dreary winter days.
  12. Lemon: Bright and invigorating, Lemon essential oil is a natural energizer, helping to lift spirits and enhance alertness.

As you explore the world of essential oils, remember they’re just one part of a holistic approach to wellness. At SkinSense, we believe in nurturing both the mind and skin. A visit to our salon spa can be a perfect complement to your at-home aromatherapy, setting you up for healthy, glowing skin, and a winter free of blues.

Transform Your Winter Wellness Routine

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Come in for a facial, leave with a glow that lasts all winter long – let’s make this season about wellness, positivity, and radiant skin!

“I like to party. And by party, I mean diffuse oils and take naps.”

Fall is my absolute favorite season. I love the crisp air; I love the beautiful fall foliage; I love bundling up in my warm chunky sweater and fuzzy socks and enjoying a nice, warm cup of tea. And I especially love the scents of fall. I remember from my childhood growing up in the Sussex countryside the smell of the open-hearth fires in the brisk air; of a rainy cool day. Smells like this bring a huge wave of memories and nostalgia back for me.

Unfortunately, this is also a time of the year where temperatures drop, the days are noticeably shorter, the sun’s rays are less and less, and we get the fall sniffles. All of these changes can affect our mood with lots of people experiencing depression and melancholy.

Good news is we can deal with the autumn blues in the most healthy, natural, and delightful way… with the use of essential oils. Here are some ways to enjoy them this fall season:

For the home:

  1. Add aroma to your fireplace by applying ten to twelve drops of essential oil to a dry log. Cedarwood, sage and pine are ideal for this purpose. Let the oil permeate the wood for at least a couple of days before burning.
  2. Refresh the air by adding twenty drops of your favorite oil to a small spray bottle filled with water. Peppermint, juniper berry and ginger are wonderful choices. Shake before use and spray as desired. This natural air freshener won’t irritate your sinuses.
  3. Relax your mind at the end of the day with chamomile, lavender, bergamot or cedar in your bath water or a diffuser.
  4. And talking of diffusers, they help in the kitchen too, and pretty much every room in the house. Clove and peppermint in a diffuser blend work wonders in the hallway and offers a warm welcome at the end of a busy day.

For the office:

  1. A diffuser on the desk containing a blend of spearmint, rosemary and lavender will keep you focused and able to concentrate on the most challenging of tasks. At the same time it keeps the air around you clean and safe.
  2. For better and safer car commutes, lemongrass and sage is best to keep you alert. Dab a few drops on a Kleenex or on your wrists or temples or on the car’s heating vents.

For self-care:

  1. Include an essential oil with any massage — the citrus oils are mood enhancing and lavender is super relaxing. Ylang-ylang and jasmine add a romantic touch. And grapeseed oil is an ideal base oil to use with essential oil blends.
  2. To sooth a headache, use peppermint, chamomile, and lavender.
  3. To hydrate dry skin, use a blend of rose and geranium and apply under your night crème.
  4. For more effective meditation, combine frankincense, cedarwood and geranium.
  5. Finally, with the holidays around the corner, take a blend of lavender and tea tree on board when you fly and dab a little under each nostril. It will keep those winter germs at bay!

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy essential oils and that’s kind of the same thing.

For more wellness tips, call us at Skinsense Wellness at (323) 653–4701, or check out our other blogs on Medium. And for skincare services, please visit us at 8448 W. Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048. We have re-opened our doors and are happy to welcome you all back.

Essential oils are wonderful mood enhancers. In the Fall and Winter months they can be especially useful at home to brighten the mood and provide stress relief.

Fall is my favorite time of year and as the evenings shorten and the weather cools, I am always reminded of the crisp Autumnal days of my childhood growing up in the Sussex countryside. England has a wonderfully colorful Fall foliage season every year and as you roam the fields and lanes, crunching fallen leaves underfoot while admiring each indiviual tree, you can smell the open hearth fires in the brisk air.

To re-capture some of that seasonal nostalgia, I always burn some incense at this time of year and change out my diffuser recipes to aromas that are a little more heady and redolent. Clove bud and spearmint is my current favourite, but here are a few more that might warm your darker evenings:

Orange, grapefruit and nutmeg for an uplifting pick-me up.

Peppermint, rosemary and lavender for a head soother after a hectic day.

Geranium, lavender and chamomile to nurture any emotional upheaval.

Rose and ylang-ylang for a romantic evening in.

We have tried all kinds of diffusers and prefer the ones that use a tea-light and water – just make sure that you keep the water topped up regularly. Inhale and Relax!

Refer to my previous post “Lovely Lavender” to learn more about this universal essential oil.

As many of you know, the color lavender is featured heavily at SkinSense – on our stationary and in the decor of the rooms and hallways. It is calming to use and to look at and we do use it in great quantities in all our treatments and products.


Lavender has had a very interesting and varied history. There are many biblical references made to the plant as a protection against evil and temptation. In terms of its remedial track record, Pliny the Elder, back in Roman times, recommended lavender for menstrual problems, upset stomachs, kidney disorders, jaundice and dropsy. As the plague took hold of Europe many grave-robbers who plundered the victims bodies, washed in lavender vinegar and even though they came in contact with the disease more than most people, they rarely died. In Tudor times, the plant became connected with love and romance. Lavender was tucked under lovers’ pillows and married couples’ mattresses to encourage passion.

By the nineteenth century, lavender finally appeared in the very respected London Pharmacopeia. During the First World War, when modern antiseptics became scarce, lavender was often used to dress wounds. Also around this time, the French chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, made the word “aromatherapy” popular in the 1920’s when he treated a self-sustained laboratory burn with lavender. He then went on to treat severely wounded troops who had suffered extreme burns from mustard gas during combat.

Aromatherapy is the science of using distilled essential oils to treat both physical and emotional ailments. The aroma of each oil triggers a response through the limbic system and the active property of the oil can treat a wide range of skin problems from acne to dryness.

Here are a few great recipes for you to use at home;

General Fatigue – fill a diffuser with water and add four drops each of orange, spearmint and lavender oils.

Hangover – place a cool compress of equal parts geranium and lavender on the forehead.

Insomnia – bath in lavender, rose and lemon – eight drops each – and then sprinkle lavender on the pillow case before going to bed.

More recipes next time…