5 Things You Can Do Daily for Your Skin

Maintaining your health is an active process that you should engage in on a daily basis and on multiple levels.

When it comes to your skin, this is, even more, the case, as proper skin care requires daily maintenance and attention. Working in coordination with a facialist, you can develop a regimen that will not only unveil the most beautiful, natural looking skin possible but also give you other benefits as well such as boosted confidence and a renewed appreciation for your health.

But skin care is something you MUST do every day. It is also a multifaceted chore. In this article, we’re going to offer you five general tips that you can do to improve your skin

1. Practice Stress Management Techniques

Meditation, prayer, or general relaxation. Not only do these three activities help you cope and handle life’s ups and downs but they also benefit your skin. Stress and anxiety can lead to fatigue, lines, wrinkles and even breakouts! While this differs from person to person the way your body reacts to stress could have an impact on your skin. Limiting stress is one way to keep those problems to a minimum.

2. Always Use Sunscreen

When you are out and about be sure to wear protective sunscreen as well as clothing to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Easily one of the largest contributors to early aging, sun damage is hard to repair and difficult to avoid unless you take the necessary precautions. Find a daily wear sunscreen for your face that you like and be sure you remain covered while out in the sun. If you’re planning a day outside be sure to re-apply sunscreen to all exposed areas every two hours. And wear a hat!

3. Don’t Smoke

Another detriment to your skin’s health is smoking. Apart from the damage it does to your general health it reduces the oxygen levels in your blood by 50% and causes collagen breakdown, wrinkling and early aging in the skin. Quitting now will not only have a myriad of benefits for your skin but also your overall well-being.

4. Be Gentle

Treat your skin with care. Do not wash with really hot water, try to avoid harsh chemicals and be gentle when scrubbing and drying your skin. Nothing too abrasive. When treating acne be gentle with your application of topicals. Consult an experienced aesthetician who can evaluate your condition properly and recommend the right procedures and products. This will correct the acne and bring the skin into balance

5.Maintain a Healthy Diet

Did you know that maintaining a healthy diet can also lead to improved skin health? Consider eating healthy whole foods and drinking plenty of water as part of your skin care regimen. Like many suggestions on this list it has benefits outside of your skin so don’t shy away from embracing a new you in terms of health management.

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